Wisdom is a Kindly Spirit


Ancient cycles, the passage of time, and the rhythms of nature inspire all my work. I am deeply attracted to the earthy colors and textures of rusted metal and fallen leaves, transformations that embody the altered beauty born of natural deterioration.

In this series, I am experimenting with water-based pigments and dry media on canvas, applied between layers of acrylic gels and mediums. I occasionally incorporate papers, wire, and other materials to add more texture. “Apokryphos” is the Greek term for a thing that is hidden or obscure. Many of these pieces are built on the foundations of earlier paintings that represent a different formative stage in my artistic development. In selecting abstraction over a more representational style, I hope to create greater opportunities for personal exploration and interpretation by the individual viewer. My ultimate intention is to suggest the complexity of human experience, the layers of feelings, memories, and influences that are hidden even from ourselves, but that shape our present reality.